Cats have the amazing ability to put themselves in the most inappropriate positions at just the wrong time. For instance, Lucy right now is lying across my writing desk, trying to chew on my knuckles. This makes it awfully hard to get any writing done. If a person were to do this, I�d say, �Hay! Get of my desk, Tom I�m trying to write!� Presumably, if Tom were someone I knew he�d then take my knuckle out of his mouth, say, �Oh, sorry. I don�t know what got into me,� and climb down. If Tom were a stranger I�d call the police and say,� There�s this odd man who calls himself Tom sprawled across my desk, licking my knuckles would you please send someone right over.� But we tolerate this behavior in cats for some reason. It�s like they have diplomatic immunity.

I�m almost done with my query letter and synopsis. All I really have to do is print it all out and send it off.

The loan forms are another matter. For some reason the Feds want to know all about my parents; when they got married, if they�re still married, how much they paid in taxes, etc. which I find odd, considering my parents haven�t supported me for years. It�s really rather presumptuous of the Government to think that just because I�m going to Grad school that my parents will be the ones supporting me. I mean, I�m an adult! I have a wife who supports me now.