I can already tell I’m going to enjoy writing on this laptop. It’s so shiny and compact. Plus I can now write in the living room or bedroom or at work or anywhere, really. Unlike before where I was stuck in a small, dark alcove next to the bathroom. Which is better then the old apartment we lived in where my computer was actually in the bathroom. True story. We had to leave the door open when we showered so the steam wouldn’t frag the computer.

Anyway, besides playing with my new toy I’ve been working on some of the plot problems with my new bok, The 8th Veil. When I start writing I generally just let the words flow and build a plot as I go. Now I’m about a third of the way through the rough draft and I finally have a plot outline and can now fit what I’ve written into it and discard the unnecesary bits. This is actually harder to do then you might think because some of the stray bits that don’t fit into the story arew actually pretty fun and amusing. Maybe I’ll post these fragments here for the general amusement of mt vast audience.