Welcome back!

Regular readers will remember my ill-fated WordPress blog from a few months back and what a mysterious end it met; one day there, the next gone. See, what happened was this: I almost lost my job from blogging. I panicked, accidentally deleted the blog and lost six months of posts. Luckily, I kept my job.

But for six weeks I was demoralized. One of my best-loved hobbies was gone and I felt like I was missing something, something I had, over the previous three years come to really enjoy. It relieved stress, kept me in touch with the world and other like minded and not so like-minded individuals. It allowed me to keep touch with friends in far away places (hay Kevin! Hay Jenny!). And generally made feel like I was part of a larger world, one I took active part in rather than just watched unfold on TV or news sites.

so, after six weeks of pulling out my hair, I went back online, starting up with my old Blogger site. I still had the archives from the previous two and half years and it was something.

Well, as you can see, I quickly became constrained by Blogspot (again) and decided to recreate the old-new blog. This time, it’s even better, as I’ve been able to inport my archives form the old site, so no more goofs, no more lost posts. It’s all here. All three years of it (minus some change).

So, just in time for my third anniversary online, her eit is: my new home. Blogging has been better and weirder than I ever thought it could be and it’s only going to get better from here. we’ve got an election coming up, a war to stop and anothe rpossible war to prevent. I have a novel to finish and books to read and movies to see. And I can’t wait to tell you all about every single thing that pops in my head.

And I promise, no more moving.

4 thoughts on “Welcome back!”

  1. Since I just did this, insert this line:

    <META HTTP-EQUIV=”Refresh” CONTENT=”5; URL=http://sanchezkisser.com/blog/”>

    in your Blogger template near the top where you see other META tags.

    It will transfer people to this blog after 5 seconds.

  2. dammit! i just got around to updating your link to go to the blogger site instead of the wordpress site. and now you do this. doh!

    oh well. hopefully you’ll get that redirect thing working and then i won’t have to worry about it

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