How Great Is Wikipedia?

This question gets asked a lot. We librarians have criteria for evaluating a resource: reliability (Wikipedia is always there), authoritativeness (check out the recent study published a few months back in Nature), depth (1 million plus articles and growing daily) and specificity.

this last one is key. It measures how much a resource know sits audience, and how well the contributers provide that need. It’s a gage of how much passion the contributors have for their subject. So, how specific is Wikipedia?

Today I found this article: Gorillas in Silver Age Comics.

It’s that specific.

2 thoughts on “How Great Is Wikipedia?”

  1. One of the things I appreciate is the fact that if there is controversy, you can go and read about the controversy and what the points of view are, and what is actually being contested.

    Things are challenged and reviewed in near real time.

    It is really handy for locating data points that you want to verify, like dates or the standard spelling of names.

  2. It also has the most comprehensive bibliographies for comics I’ve ever seen. I’ve been cataloguing comics at work and they have detailed descriptions for all the major titles, including really good descriptions of the tangled publishing history of some titles.

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