Join the Dark Side: It May Save your Life

A report in New Scientist shows that the Goth Subculture may actually help kids who self harm or have suicidal thoughts:

Researchers at University of Glasgow found that while most self-harmers started the practice at age 12 to 13, they did not become goths until they were a couple of years older, on average.

“One common suggestion is they may be copying subcultural icons or peers [when they self-harm], but our study found that more young people reported self-harm before, rather than after, becoming a goth. This suggests that young people with a tendency to self-harm are attracted to the goth subculture,” says Robert Young, who led the study.

“Rather than posing a risk, it’s also possible that by belonging to the goth subculture, young people are gaining valuable social and emotional support from their peers.”

The tone is cautious, as befitting a scientific journal but it’s a little too over cautious in some respects, for obvious reasons. Quick on the heals of a study showing that prayer is a load of crap, we have one showing the dreaded Satanic Goth Subculture actually may provide a safer, supportive environment for sensitive kids. What next, a study showing masturbation is good for you?

This study comes as no surprise to me, The Goth subculture allows people with rarified interests to meet like-minded folk, in a non judgemental environment.* Goths are a fairly open minded bunch, and even if you’re one of those RPG playing social outcasts, we still tolerate you. We may not talk to you or invite you to the Marilyn Manson concert with us, but neither will we beat the crap out of you simply for being different.

Link via Boing Boing.

* My wife and I met at a Goth Night at a local gay club, so, it’s really a sub culture two-for-one. Who says the gays are undermining marriage?