8 thoughts on “And Your Brains”

  1. I usually don’t comment on blogs that I read but this time I have to say something. I’m not a fan of your atheist pieces and all the ignorant things you say about Christians. Someone might get the impression that you’re an antichristian bigot. And now this just proves them right. it’s disgusting. Some people find comfort in religious beliefs and to mock that for cheep laughs is just sad. I hope you find something to believe in, Keith because your life and soul are truely empty.

  2. No one’s forcing you to read the blog of a dirty atheist who don’t believe in nothin’ (except art and literature and the power of the human brain to reason and imagine). But if you’re offended by my cartoon that gently mocks your flesh eating, undead mystic carpenter, you’re free to go read someone elses blog. Though I doubt they have cat pictures as cute as mine.

  3. antichristian bigot

    Well, you have basically 2000 years of bigotry directed at multiple people, you’re going to make some enemies. That said, parody is not bigotry. If you really have faith in Christianity’s Jesus, you believe that he will descend one day and smite ole Keith there to hell, and you can rejoice at your vindication. And that’s cool to believe that. Just don’t be pissed when we who don’t believe in the Mythical Hydra-Beast make fun of your belief in our destruction. And Jesus? Total cannibal.

    Take in stide and pray to your God to smite all us wicked people who tease you.

  4. It oughta be “Zombie Pat Robertson” or “Zombie James Dobson”. Heck, those suckas ARE zombies! Their make-up crews must spend hours trying to make them look like actual living people for the TV cameras! To say nothing of their followers!

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