Why I Won’t Be Voting On Tuesday

Because I live in Georgia, where the Democrats are conservative and the Republicans are Fascists (one local add for the incumbent brags about how he’s agreed with Bush on everything. Like it’s a good thing). Holding my breath still wouldn’t stifle the stench long enough for me to vote for one of these scummy DINOs, not without soiling myself or whoever was in line in front of me.

And even if the Democrats win a majority in Congress, nothing will change. It’s not as if they’ve really been in opposition to anything the Bush administration has done, except with tepid, symbolic gestures. They still voted for the Patriot Act and only made vague Kabuki gestures of opposition to the torture bill.

If the best we can hope for is the same as what we’ve had for the last six years, I can get that by staying home and drinking.