Is There A Draft In Here?

Senator Headuphisass thinks that reinstating the draft will stop the Republicans from waging any more illegal wars. That’s a hell of a fucking gamble with other people’s lives, I must say. This is all based on the preposterous assumption that the rich and powerful won’t find a way to get their kids out of the draft. We’re talking about an administration filled with people form the top down who did just that to avoid service in Vietnam.

We instate a draft, Jenna and Babs will be not showing up for duty at the Texas Air National Guard, just like daddy. Joining the army isn’t the way to end the war. You do that by stopping the fighting. By bringing the troops home.

Anyone who thinks that reinstating the draft will take the wind out of the Neocons’ sails is smoking crack. They haven’t let reality stop them yet, what makes you think they’re going to start with a draft? All that will do is give them the extra bodies to throw around without care that they’ve been wanting for the last year.

1 thought on “Is There A Draft In Here?”

  1. Randy Rhodes was talking about this nonsense today on Air America (which I listen to at work sometimes) and it just got to me. She was presupposing that this draft would accompany legislation that would prevent the rich and powerful from getting their kids assigned to dangerous positions. Sure, and Halliburton might go bankrupt.

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