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Librarians aren’t Sexy? Says who?:

A shake-up of Britain’s libraries has been called for by a senior spin-doctor – including a ban on the word “librarian”.

The Westminster council official said libraries should also spice up their reputation by using “good-looking” staff for press and marketing work and by stressing their range of “racy” titles.

The proposals were met with disgust by librarians, who dismissed the idea that they are not glamorous or exciting.

You know what’s not sexy? Pandering.

Look, we librarians are a damn sexy bunch, especially the up and coming generation of librarians. We’re tech savvy, in touch with the world both online and in real space, we know what’s going on, mostly because we came to this profession later, after getting out and doing other things. We aren’t your grandma’s librarians. We’re not spinsters or wilting violets. And yeah, if you want to look at the nudey books I’ll show you where they are and if you want to read banned books, I have some recommendations  in that department, too.

All this does is lower the standards of how we do our job. if we have to start altering procedures to whatever is popular this week, we’ll never get any actual work done because we’re worrying about our image. How about you just let us brainy, sexy librarians get back to work. We might suprise you.

Follow Up: Library Patron Tasered by Cop

Seems the cop that tasered the kid at the UCLA library has a bit of history:

The UCLA police officer videotaped last week using a Taser gun on a student also shot a homeless man at a campus study hall room three years ago and was earlier recommended for dismissal in connection with an alleged assault on fraternity row, authorities said.

UCLA police confirmed late Monday that the officer who fired the Taser gun was Terrence Duren, who has served in the university’s Police Department for 18 years.