Reason #578 to Get the Fuck Out of The South

National Socialist Party nominates as it’s Presidential Candidate for 2008, John Taylor Bowles of South Carolina.

Not many Americans realise that there is an American Nazi party, or that they regularly field a candidate in elections. And while they are rather small and general considered to be extremist, even by other Fascist groups, the fact that they are still around in 2007 is a disturbing fact. Not so startling is that their candidate comes from South Carolina.

A few years ago, a South Carolina Baptist Church placed an add in the paper here (in Savannah, GA) advertising a Harry Potter book burning, so it’s no real surprise that American Nazis can find recruits there. Wherever you find book burnings, there’s probably a Nazi somewhere close by, washing the smell of kerosene off his fingers.

And sure, there are extremists all over— a friend of ours is moving to Portland, where they grow serial killers like cantaloupes. But still, it boggles the mind to think that more than sixty years after World War II, there would still be Nazis anywhere, let alone in the American South.

As always, if you really want to give yourself a case of the creeping squees, head on over to David Neiwert’s blog, Orcinus, where he keeps track of Minutemen, Nazis, Republicans and other hate groups.

2 thoughts on “Reason #578 to Get the Fuck Out of The South”

  1. We have to do something with good ol’ boys who want to wear a uniform, but are too crazy for the Army.

    One of the biggest mistake made in American history was keeping South Carolina in the Union after the Civil War. They have been nothing but trouble ever since.

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