Princely Tantrums

An update on yesterday’s post: it looks like Bush’s bid for Kingly privileges with the Constitution will not pass.

By lopsided bipartisan majorities, the House passed bills March 14 to reverse an executive order issued by President Bush allowing presidents to withhold their records from the public and to require donors to presidential libraries to identify themselves.

The Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2007 (H.R. 1255) would rescind an executive order issued by President Bush in 2001 allowing incumbent or former presidents to prevent the release of their presidential papers. At that time, critics said the order reversed the premise of the Presidential Records Act of 1978, which called for the release of presidential papers 12 years after a president leaves office.

The White House issued a statement saying that the bill was “misguided, and would improperly impinge on the President’s constitutional authority, in violation of settled separation of powers principles,” the Washington Post reported March 14.

He’s threatening to veto the new bill, which will reascend his executive order but he’s only used that once, to discard frozen embryos that would otherwise go to good scientific research, and given his problems with Gonzales and the  Capitol Hill Eight, it looks like he’ll have other things on his mind, like ensuring that he has a legacy to whitewash.