He also Ate the Tooth Fairy, Chocolate Jesus and Six of Santa’s Raindeer

Who is short, talks funny and is always huntin’ wabbits? Kim Jong-il, of course:

Karl Szmolinsky of  Eberswalde faces a grim Easter.

His gold medal pride,’ Robert der Grosse ‘, the largest rabbit in recorded Prussian history , is missing and believed dead in North Korea.

The 23 1/2 pound uberbunny was sent to Pyongyang last year along with 11 others “with the aim of setting up a breeding program to alleviate famine, “  only to end up on Dear Leader Kim Jong-il’s birthday banquet table on February 16th.

A commenter at Phyrangula pointed out that it was rather naive of Mr. Szmolinsky to think that his bunny’s would be put to good use. Philanthropy, good intentions and a kind heart will always put you in tyranny’s stew pot.

2 thoughts on “He also Ate the Tooth Fairy, Chocolate Jesus and Six of Santa’s Raindeer”

  1. Exactly who thought that sending breeding stock to a famine area was going to result in a sustainable program? Where did he think the food for the rabbits was going to come from?

    These people are eating their seed, they are worried about the future, they are concerned with eating today.

  2. Good intentions and all that. I agree though, it was a boneheaded move. That’s the sort of well meaning philanthropic gesture best reserved for hurricane or tsunami victims rather than famine stricken autocracies run by a maniac with a god complex.

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