But Which Books?

I applaud Yann Martel’s decision to send Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper a book every two weeks to raise his awareness of the arts, but I can’t help thinking that if someone tried this with President Bush, they’d end up on a watch list, if not on a plane to Gitmo. Even if it was Albert Camus.

Link via Bookslut.

Update 4/18/07:

Come on Yann, Tolstoy? You can’t ween an illiterate man on Tolstoy. Hell, I’m what you might call well read and I don’t even want to read Tolstoy. Why not start him off with something a little more manageable, like Ray Bradbury? Herman Hesse is a good start, too. Anybody but Tolstoy. Why not just drop Ulysses on his desk and be done with it?

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