Because Sueing People Is The Best Way To Win Customers

Fun with Lawyers:

Thousands of websites published the key, which had been uncovered in a bid to circumvent digital rights management (DRM)technology on HD-DVD discs.

Many said they had done this as an exercise in free speech.

An AACS executive said it was looking at “legal and technical tools” to confront those who published the key.[…] “Some people clearly think it’s a First Amendment issue.There is no intent from us to interfere with people’s right to discusscopy protection. We respect free speech.

“They can discuss the pros and cons. We know some people are critical of the technology.

“But a line is crossed when we start seeing keys being distributed and tools for circumvention. You step outside of the realm of protected free speech then.”

He said tracking down everyone who had published the keys was a “resource intensive exercise”. A search on Google shows almost 700,000 pages have published the key.

Mr Ayers said that while he could not reveal the specific steps the group would be taking, it would be using both “legal and technical” steps to prevent the circumvention of copy protection.

“We will take whatever action is appropriate,” he said.”We hope the public respects our position and complies with applicable laws.”

Maybe instead of threatening to sue, they should take a step back and wonder why 700,000 people dislike what they’re doing enough to risk legal action to protest their policies. Maybe it has something to do with your draconian business modal? Nah, couldn’t be.

They don’t realize that tech savvy users cracked their latest DRM in a matter of hours and distributed the key online because they’re business policies suck. But I guess when all you can see is money, recognizing what people actually want to pay for is just out of sight.

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  1. I posted the code sequence. Screw them. Their stupid system means CDs that will never be released in this country, can’t be played in this country because of their silly schemes.

    They don’t understand their customers and don’t understand the people who create their product.

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