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Salon has their predictions for how Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows will turn out. it’s a mixed bag, which just underscores what an accomplishment J.K. Rawling has made: able to write a multi volume epic that not only has gained interest as it’s proceeded but has everyone guessing what will happen next. So, My two cents:

Yes, Dumbledore is dead. Get over it. doesn’t mean he won’t influence the story or even make an appearance in a portraits or two. But yeah, pushing up magical daisy’s, he is.

Snape is Dumbledore’s man. Always has been. Harry will just have to deal with the fact that, while not a nice person, Severus Snape is a good guy, who has sacrificed an awful lot for the Order and the general cause of Good. He’s killed, and not just random death eaters but friends and even family members. he’s also killed the one man who trusted him and knew that he was really doing it all for the better. he probably won’t survive.

Harry is the seventh horcrux. Or, more precisely, his scar is. The night his parents were killed, Voldemort’s magic backfired and part of him ended up in Harry. That’s why Harry’s a parsilmouth, was drawn to the twin wand of Voldemort and why the sorting hat wanted to put him in Slytherin House. It’s why Voldemort want’s him dead– not only will it remove an enemy, it will make him whole. Harry will most likely die but there is one possible loophole: Harry looses his magic when he looses his scar and Voldemort bites it. Though a squib, he continues to live.

Ron and Hermione live happily ever after. It takes them a while to get there, as they have to deal with their feelings and just being a teenager but eventually they have lots of red headed babies who are super smart. This doesn’t mean things are going to be hunky dory for the Weasley’s, however.

Bill Weasley will die Unable to cope with his slow transformation and disfigurement, he will become reckless and through doing something totally heroic and stupid, will save lives by sacrificing himself.

Harry and Ginny will have one brief, happy moment together. Then Harry will die. Or He’ll become a squib, and live the rest of his life surrounded by friends and family but unable to do anything but be the rich, former wizard. He’ll be bitter and resentful but will have won. But he’ll probably die.

Petunia Dursley will help Harry. Either by giving him something of his mother’s or what, I don’t know, but she’ll do something redeeming. Dudly’s a lost cause though. Maybe a Death Eater will get him? Who knows.

Anything I missed?

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  1. I’ve been aware that Harry was horcrux for some time, and based on what we know Voldemort can’t really die until all of the horcruxes are destroyed, so Harry’s death is pretty certain.

    Given Ms. Rowlings firm determination that 7 books is it, death is the only consistent answer.

  2. D’oh! I forgot Malfoy! He’ll see his father grovel before Voldemort and realize that being a Death Eater isn’t all fun and blood purity games. He’ll rebel, be saved, either by Harry or Snape and be mostly disillusioned for the rest of his life.

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