Swimming With the Fishes

Just so you all know,
Goldie passed away today.
He was eight years old.
The size of my hand.
He survived being stuck in an urn and two cats clawing from above.
I guess he had enough.
We buried him in the backyard,
He seemed to big for the toilet.

3 thoughts on “Swimming With the Fishes”

  1. Sorry to hear about Goldie especially since it turns out that my Mother lost the last of the large Goldfish from her pond last night, probably to a raccoon who has already taken five other large fish from the pond.

    She has a couple of small fish still in the pond, but the full half dozen 8-inch golds she once had were impressive.

    Rupert now has to find a new “channel” to watch.

  2. We’ll be getting more fish soon, but yes, the will need to find a new channel. It was really sad Friday afternoon, as Lucy realized Goldie wasn’t there. She’s always been more invested in the fish than Rupert, reminding us when it’s time to feed them and generally keeping an eye on them.

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