Anybody Out There?

I normally don’t address readers directly but I’ve got a quick question here. Is anyone reading this blog? If so, I’d like to know what you think, which is what the comments section is for. Part of the whole appeal of blogs is that what we have is a dialog, rather than just some dude pissing into the wind. So, if you like a post or don’t like a post, let me know. I’m not expecting to have the four hundred entry threads that the Big Boys get but I like to think I’m throwing out some interesting ideas here so lets chew on them a bit. What do you say?

9 thoughts on “Anybody Out There?”

  1. Hey Keith,

    I read your blog. I don’t read every entry, but if something catches my eye I’ll read more. I like reading the library-related stuff the most. Hope that helps!

  2. I read your blog!! I like the geeky sci-fi librarian stuff too. It’s hard to ‘break into’ the blogosphere. I rarely have any comments on my blog either, so you’re not alone in being alone. Of course, I haven’t told any co-workers or friends I have a blog… I like to reserve my right to speak my mind without having to worry about hurting anybody. That, and internet privacy 😉

  3. I read lots of blogs but seldom write because generally if I have nothing to contribute I don’t care to say anything. Most usually whatever you write I tend to agree with. But you always have something interesting to say, and that is good. :)

  4. Hi, I do read quite a few of the entries from the time I first landed here (about a month ago). I do have this site listed in my RSS feed reader. I like most of the entries.

  5. Thanks, everyone!

    I suppose this entry sounds like I’m fishing for sympathy but I had to take stock as recently, a few of the people who started blogging around the time I did and who were my first few blog links and online friends have shut down their sites.

    Anyway, looks like I need to write some more inflammatory stuff, to get people riled up! either that or more cat pictures. Everyone loves those.

  6. Well, cat pictures are always good, even if the cats don’t like the process. It’s a bit bandwidth wasting writing to say you agree with something.

    Now, it you were suggest piping Rush into libraries, then you would probably generate a few comments.

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