Books on the Big Screen

The Onion’s AV Club has an article discussing 21 books they think should be made in to films. There’s a few good one sin there that I could get excited about (Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell!) plus some that I’m pretty meh about (do we need more Stephen King movies? Really?).

But it got me thinking, what other books would make good movies?

I’d love to see The Master and Margarita. A retelling of Faust, with the Devil in Soviet Russia just sounds likke a no brainer to me. Plus, vodka drinking cats who play chess! The only problem is it’s a little on the complex side and I’d hate to see characters or subplots cut just for time. Maybe a mini series (like Jekyll) would be better…

There’s always the classics, like John Carter of Mars (rumored to be in development forever but hasn’t yet made it to the screen), and somewhere, someone is thinking of doing Dune again.

But what books would you like seen turned into films?

3 thoughts on “Books on the Big Screen”

  1. Heinlein’s Revolt in 2100, cos hey! Relevant!

    Gabaldon’s Outlander/Dragonfly in Amber (those two are the main thrust of the story, and all the other volumes and spin-offs are yummy if superfluous), cos hey! Fascinating history plot plus time travel plus romance! What’s not to like!

    Still waiting for Pern after all these years…

  2. Completely off topic but. Hey Keith! From sentient barbarian pangolins to blogs on the intarweb. Strange what one seems to remember about people.

    To the question – Guillermo Del Toro is doing At the Mountains of Madness, so something I’ve wanted is coming.

  3. I had heard about Del Torro and mountains, but wasn’t sure if it’d ever get made…

    And sometimes we read too much early Cerebus and get crazy ideas… But howdy!

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