Sliding Down the Razor’s Edge

Razor filled in a few holes in the Battlestar Galactica story as well as opened up a few new ones that promise to be really exciting. While it was nice to go back and see what happened on Pegasus during the Cylon attack and especially nice to see how Cain became the hard ass we met in Season 2, the real thrust of the story didn’t get moving until we got to the Old school Cylons. That story is going to be the corner stone of season 4 and I for one can’t wait. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Remember back in Season 1 when people were still skeptical about Trisha Helfer’s acting abilities? “A Model? Pfft. Whatever. She’s eye candy for the fan boys.” Anyone still skeptical after her mind bending turn in season 3 (where she played, what, three iterations of her character?) needs to see Razor. She really shines and for not having a large part, that’s saying something. We’ve already seen how Gina ends up. But she manages to make Gina a compelling character even when she’s just standing in the background. of course we know what happens. I honestly wasn’t expecting to many revelations in Razor. I thought it would be mostly spackle bridging some of the negative space between seasons. Not that this wouldn’t have been good as well. But, luckily, Moore and the BSG gang aren’t willing to settle for good and deliver instead great.

Like the best episodes, Razor has a nice balance of character moments with whiz bang action. I honestly didn’t see the old school Cylons coming but as soon as the old-style raiders fly into view, I knew they were up to something interesting. I’m, not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet but there’s quite a bit of story building going on, which is nice to see in what, for any other show, would be just a bit of holiday vamping, making time until the regularly scheduled program kicked back in.

Some people will try and make something of the Gina/Cain relationship but it was one of the most human moments of the whole series. Cain feels betrayed and her desire for revenge is what pushes her into becoming the hard hearted Razor she feels is her only option left. Because, as far as she knows, she’s it. This is humanity. Her crew and she has to lead them and being soft is what led her to be careless, which is what led the colonies to fall. Cain, and all of humanity, was blindsided by it’s desire to be loved. That this can be a strength and a weakness is the real twist of the series. That dichotomy and how the characters deal with it, is what will carry us through to the end.