NaNoWriMo Followup

Another National Novel Writing Month has come and gone and, alas, I have little to show for it. I wasn’t even able to finish the novel that I have been working on for the past ten months– but I did get a lot of work done on it and have only about 7-8 thousand words left to go. With a little more work and maybe a sleepless night or two, I should have it finished in two more weeks.

The book I’ve been working on is called The Lives of Perfect Creatures. The title comes from a quote by Russian Mathematician and futurist, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, who figured out the equation for escape velocity, making him, arguably the father of Space Exploration. Astronomy and the early Russian Space Program figure heavily in the story, but more in a metaphorical and symbolic way, rather than having anything to do with the plot, which is fairly thin.

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