From The Outside, You All Look Like Scientologists Anyway

So, Mitt Romney gave a speech, did you hear? In it, he blathered on, as politicos are want to do, about the importance of religion, and our shared spiritual values and how, so long as we all believe in Jesus, at least a little, than Freedom! Cake! Puppies and kitties! Vote for Romney!

As Pam Spaulding points out (in the link above, to Pandagon) Mitt hit all the dog whistle cues that tell the Evangelical Christians, to whom this speech was addressed exclusively, where he stands: Europe is old and week, because they don’t go to church much; when he says People of Faith, he really only means white Christians ( which now includes Mormons); oh and by the way, Atheists are immoral and our citizenship is dubious:

“Freedom requires religion just as religion requires freedom.”

I’m a little tired of having my morality, loyalty and patriotism questioned simply because I don’t believe in made up bullshit like most people. Just for the record, from outside the religious mindset, all you true believers look like Scientologists to us nonbelievers. Keep that in mind when you’re telling us how the constitution was inspired by Biblical teachings.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are universal qualities, they do not emanate form the ghostly remains of some magical carpenter. They are guaranteed by our laws and enforced through the hard work and sacrifice of flesh and blood people who want a better life, one free from tyranny and oppression. How far we’ve come when Brotherhood, Equality and Liberty, the children of the Enlightenment, are tied to religious domination. Freedom is really Slavery, Mitt is telling us. Or as Fred at Slacktivist put it:

If freedom requires religion, then the a-religious and irreligious, the non-religious and un-religious are the enemies of freedom. Romney believes, in other words, that atheism is incompatible with freedom. Whatever it is he means by “religious liberty,” he does not believe it can safely be applied to atheists.

Keep in mind that this is Mitt “double Guantanamo” Romney talking — he’s made it clear what he wants to do to those he regards as the enemies of freedom.

I think it’s a good thing that the Constitution forbids a religious test for an elected office. But I think we should institute a basic US History and civics test, just to make sure would-be Presidents like Romney have a basic grasp of what it is they are defending (the Constitution, people) and what our enemies have traditionally and eternally been (dogma, tyranny and enforced conformity by religious dictators). pass this test first, Mitt and then we can move on to the little matter of your magical underwear.