Ralph Nader Will You Please Go Now!

You and I need to have a talk, Ralph.

I voted for you in 2000, because I live in Georgia, a forgone Republican Conclusion. My vote would have been nullified by the GOP majority rule, even if Jesus and JFK were the Democrat nominees. But I was young and idealistic than. After eight years of Bush in the White House, I’m a lot less idealistic and a hell of a lot less patient with self aggrandizing kooks.

When you only step into politics once every four years it’s obvious you aren’t really interested in amending the two-party system, as you claim. If you were, you’d be a year round political activist, starting a grass roots campaign and maybe getting yourself, or someone, elected to the House or Senate as representative of a third party, and building a coalition from there. But you haven’t done that. As far as I can tell, you aren’t even advocated for anyone to do that.

What is obvious is, you like the attention. But being Ralph Nader, it isn’t enough for you to just want a few moments in the spotlight. As America’s number one moral scold, you also need to teach us all a lesson. And there’s no better way to do that then to tap into the disaffected voters out there and draw them away from the real, legitimate candidates like Gore or Kerry, either of which could have done some good as President. And now you want to try and do it to Obama, because handing the country to Bush wasn’t enough and now you’d like to see President “100 years in Iraq” McCain have a go as well.

But then you are no longer interested in doing what is bets for the country. You just want us to all learn a hard lesson for not being as ideologically pure as you.

Please, go away. We’re all adults of voting age and can make up our own minds. We don’t want or need to learn your sort of lessons anymore.