Happy Blogoversery To Me

The invisible library is Five years old today. Hot damn, it’s already been half a decade!

Oddly enough one of the first subjects I wrote about back when I was basically writing to the thin air was how I wanted to someday be an author and have a book published. And now, five years later I have. So, there we go. Done.

Well, not really. One book is never enough and I still have a lot of things to say, and even a small audience to say it to now. Thanks everyone!

I’ve got a few ideas for the next five years that should be as much fun as cat blogging and writing books and generally gabbing about this here world we live in. So, stay tuned. And feel free to peruse the archives and have a laugh. They’ve now been relocated to their own page, with a link under pages on the side bar. Also, there, you’ll notice a permanent link to my Lulu.com bookstore. Just in case you were in the market for a fine piece of brand new fantasy to read.