An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Senator Clinton,

Congratulations on winning the Pennsylvania Primary! Will you drop out now?

Seriously, can we be done with this? You and I and everyone else in the world already knows that Obama has won. He has more of the poplar vote and more delegates. I’m not even going to mention the money, because that would be crass. It’s clear that you want to win in the worst possible way. The problem is, the only way for you to win is in the worst possible way: by convincing the Super Delegates to overthrow the democratic process and appoint you the nominee. Not only is this win-at-any-price attitude ugly to watch, day after day after day after day… if you succeed, you’ll have alienated everyone who would have voted for you in the general election, had you won the Nomination legitimately.

And legitimacy is the key here. I don’t know who thought Super Delegates were a good idea but it’s become clear that the American People, especially those of us who vote for the Democratic Party, are suspect of any one person who has the power to subvert the democratic process. That there’s a whole bunch of these people and they all turn out to be wealthy and/or Democratic Party Poobahs is just so… Republican. I bet you thought I was going to say elite? I could have, but elite is not a dirty word. I want my politicians to be elite because elite means good, noble, smart and capable. You clearly are all these things and had the primary gone a little differently, I and everyone else would have welcomed an honest and open discussion between two elite Democrats, hashing out policy and procedures to see who would make the best President.

But that’s not how the primary played out this time. And your behavior over the last few months hasn’t helped make the case that we should welcome a continuation of the process as it stands. You’ve fought dirty and let your ambition get the better of you. You’ve badmouthed a fellow Senator and a fellow Democrat, and for what? A bump in the polls? A slight marginal victory in one of 50 primaries? You can’t argue with math, no matter how many Super Delegates you buy off. And continuing to try and do is is less elite and more Machiavellian. We’ve already had eight really terribly awfully horribly long years of that and if you keep fighting like a spoiled, entitled sore looser, we’ll end up with at least four more years of it. From President McCain.

Bowing out now, especially now, after your little victory, would allow you to salvage your reputation and dignity and remain in a position (the Senate) where you can still do good work. I’m not saying you have to pat Obama on the back and be his best friend. Just have a little with gracious acceptance and stop talking shit about him to reporters and Republicans.

Or you could continue to wrestle in the mud and the blood and beer, on the off chance that by November, we’ll all be so sick of Bush, McCain and the GOP that we’ll vote for the woman who undermined the democratic process and clawed her way to the coveted Lesser Of Two Evils spot. Because that always works out for the best.

3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton”

  1. Having been to Sweden in the recent past, I would be all for a more Swedish approach to US policy. I don’t know how well it would all scale but it couldn’t be worse than what we have now.

    And McCain is a War Hero, only if War hero means crashed his jet, got captured and now has aggravated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The War part sounds about right but the Hero part is a little sketchy.

  2. This country needs Hillary. Obama can’t provide the change we need. He couldn’t create change in the Senate, so he’s running for President.

    Hillary has a proven track record.

  3. Yes Seth, a proven track record of saying or doing anything to get into power and then governing like a Republican. We’ve already had plenty of that. No thanks.

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