Machine Of The World Typo Update

So, much to my embarrassment, it turns out there was a glitch of some sort when I was laying out the type for my book and the first edition of The Machine of the World is littered with typos. I know it was a software glitch because there is no way I would have missed every instance of the word “from” being replaced with “form.” Legitimate typos, I’ll own up to. But this is something beyond what I could have prepared for and must have been late in the process. The joys of self publishing: when it goes well, it’s all to your credit and when things go wrong, it’s all your fault. Maybe I should find a publisher so future problems can be blamed on them?

But! Everyone with a typo-edition now has a collector’s item. So there’s that.

Once I get the problem sorted out, a new edition will be up and I’ll see if I can find a way to do some sort of exchange for a typo-free edition for those who want it.