They Are All Method Actors

So. Everyone’s favorite hobbit/senator, Denis Kucinich has brought 35 articles of Impeachment against George W. Bush. While on a righteous emotional level, I couldn’t be more thrilled, in the real world where these things have ramifications and exert pressure in numerous unforeseen and unforeseeable ways, it couldn’t matter less.

Don’t misunderstand: I applaud Kucinich. The man spent five hours reading a laundry list of reasons, all of them good and solid, for why George W. should not just be impeached but hauled off to the Hague for a war crimes trial and maybe even tried for treason. But– and this is the real point– none of these things are going to happen. So yeah, great. There’s a record for historians to look at showing that in 2008, at least one Democrat did in fact have a spine and sense of honor and integrity and justice and the wherewithal to do everything within his power to bring such lofty ambitions to fruition. But as John Scalzi pointed out, so what? The extent of Kucinich’s influence might be great and awe inspiring in Ohio but in the rest of the world, he’s a wacky old hippie who resembles an extra from Lord of the Rings, a Presidential also-ran with a hot wife and a sixth sense about UFOs. Kucinich can’t do anything more than speak this list of crimes into the public record. There is zero chance of anything coming from it. And as much as I’d like to see that petulant little twerp, George W. Bush, writhe under the spotlight of a senate trial for high crimes against the people of the United States, spending his last few months in office trying to convince the country and the whole world why we shouldn’t revile his name, shun his descendants to the seventh generation and salt the earth around his eventual grave, it ain’t gonna happen. Even Obama says so.*

There’s a threshold that a person crosses. It’s mostly invisible but once a person crosses it, they know with utter confidence that they have achieved enough power that no matter how bad they screw up, they won’t be held accountable. The reason is simple: to hold such a powerful person accountable for their wrongdoing would lay the blame on everyone below them and tangentially related to putting them in that position where they not only had the power to make such horrid choices but to have others execute them. Impeaching Bush wouldn’t just remove him form office.** It would show that any number of other powerful people were complicit in every single nefarious act, from holding hands with Saudi Princes to shitting all over New Orleans and fucking Iraq for generations. The Republican party helped him do it and the Democrats let him do it. And those facts would be dragged into the spot light, one by one, like so many stained blue dresses for the American people to see once and for all that we are ruled by a mob not of Legitimate Businessmen of Italian decent, but of venal old men with unsavory tastes and repulsive attachments to power for its own sake.

Ten points for style but minus a million for execution.

* Not even in office yet and he’s already disappointing us. Oh well, get used to it.
** And leave Dick “I fuck goats for fun and sport” Chaney in his place, a truly terrifying proposition. He’d be sworn in to office on his personal copy of the Necronomicon, the one bound in the skin of Iraqi children, with a built in Nuclear strike button on the cover.