Slide Show and Presentation Now Available!

The text and slide show of my presentation, Using Social Network Tags in a Library Setting is now available. I’ve put it on it’s own page, so that I can have it handy for future reference. There’s a permanent link to the presentation page on he sidebar, under Pages. As always, comments, criticism and tips for future expansion are much appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Slide Show and Presentation Now Available!”

  1. What an interesting presentation. It brings to mind many questions, of course. I was really interested in the idea of incorporating Web 2.0 into the library OPAC, as you mentioned with LibraryThing. Have you had experience with this? Do you find that users actually add tags? Is there a way to track users or do a study of users that do add tags? It seems to me that only a certain, more tech savvy group, of the population would be adding tags. But, maybe that’s ok, because that may be the exact group that would find value in and use the tags. Maybe it’s too soon to be thinking about user feedback, but I would like to know what the average user/library patron thinks of Web 2.0 and how they use it.

    I apologize for my rambling, maybe I should read these later in the afternoon, my thoughts my be more cohesive.

    Oh, and the spacing of “don’t” on the second slide was a little weird.

    Great presentation!

  2. The way Library Thing works, only catalogers can add tags. Users aren’t adding tags to the OPAC. It just gives them a familiar handle on searching. As far as I know, no one has integrated tags into their OPAC yet but a couple places (mostly Public Libraries) are looking into it. So it’s still kinda theoretical.

    But there were a few work study students at the presentation I did and the Library Director asked them what they thought about Tags in the OPAC and they were all for it. So there’s support and interest.

    We’re in the early stages of implementing tags in the library. But hopefully, I’ll be able to keep working on this at my new job!

    I suspect there is some textual weirdness on the slides, but that’s due to Slideshare. First time I loaded them, there was no text at all so a little weirdness is an improvement.

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