Bread and Circus Will Kill Us All

McCain as the Joker:

Take your pick of suitable pulp narratives: Wall Street as wild west gambling saloon or corrupt urban jungle, there has been no shortage of loose-cannon melodrama in the name of Restoring Order, none of it remotely constructive. First was Henry Paulson with his out-of-the-blue no-accountability bail-out plan, followed by Bush with his “there is even more to fear than fear itself” address, both trying to goad the nation into a state of malleable panic. None of this serves the nation as an anchor for morale or perspective. Entropy increases.Enter John McCain. He “suspends” his campaign on the spur of the moment and sweeps into Washinton without a plan, lying his way out of an appearance on David Letterman’s show and setting himself up for ridicule before a national audience, triggering Bush to call a pointless photo-op summit at the White House and throwing  both the bail-out negotiation timetable and the debate timetable into question. Perversely, he leaves the meeting having said barely a word. Meanwhile, his campaign tries to shelter running mate Sarah Palin from any meaningful and/or revealing dialog with the press, after having created the overnight Palin media sensation in the first place.

The political process in this country, like the economy, like our foreign policy, has become a series of bombshells and cliffhangers. History has been replaced by a narrative for short attention spans, akin to HBO, the Hollywood blockbuster cycle and the comic book.

As much as I love comics, I like them to stay on the page, or if they have to stray at all, into a theater. Even then, I’m weary. And watching John McCain over the last two weeks has been a lot of bad theater. The cheep melodrama is getting so thick, even conservatives are loosing their shit. And who could blame them? The GOP is trying to distract us long enough to steel the election. And I mean steal – at this point that’s the only credible way this freakish clown could get into office – through malfeasance, shenanigans and a complete disregard for the American people and the democratic process. Unfortunately, he’s shown that he has all of these, in spades.

The election is yours to loose, Obama. Try not to be that much of a Democrat. Because the next four years we need something different, not a Dukakis side show that leads to Prince John of the Death Wish and little Princess Sarah the Cheerleader, bringing on the Doom.

Link via Xeni Jardin on Twitter.