Nanowrimo 2008

It’s National Novel Writing Month again! And like last year, I’m unable to participate.

Last year, I was hip deep in my second novel (more on that shortly) and didn’t want to stop that one to write another.* This year, I happened to be in between projects for November but alas, I’m going to Ireland in 3 weeks, and so would only have 21 days instead of 30. I know, it’s sad.

So, go out there and write your novel! Do it for me! Or more importantly, do it because it’s fun and satisfying to create something.

But! I’m going to Ireland! Which will be lots of fun. I’m sure I’ll have pictures when we get back in December and I’ll be tweeting the trip whenever possible.

Over the next 3 weeks, I’ll be talking about my on-going process to find a publisher for my new novel and the novel itself. So, that’ll be fun. Also, I understand there’s some sort of electoral thing happening in a few days. So yeah. Vote.


* You can’t work on an already started project as part of Nanowrimo. And writing one novel is hard enough.