4/5 of Freedom Is Not Enough

Last night, we went 4/5 of the way to getting back on track as a country. We elected a Democratic President (who has received more votes than any president before him) and several Democratic congress folk and governors.

But we lost on Prop 8. The Homobigot amendment to the California constitution passed by a slim margin. So, yeah. We got 4/5 of what we wanted. Not bad. But it could have been better.

What happens next is not going to be easy or fun but it might just turn out better. The thing is, there already are thousands of married same-sex couples in California. California now has 2 choices: 1) recognize them, thus undermining the new law  or 2) annul all those marriages.

The first option will effectively create a loophole for gay marriage, and the fundies and homobigots won’t let that stand. They’re already scared that they are loosing the culture war, which is why they came up with Prop 8 in the first place. Society is already starting to accept same sex couples as equals. Prop 8 and other attempts are the Hail Mary pass and the suicide charge. They are doomed to fail, eventually. We were hoping to shoot down prop 8 last night and force the homobigits to slouch home, whimpering in defeat. Now they have a slight glimmer of false hope.[1]

The second option will bring discrimination law suits. Big ones. Degeneres vs. California. The fundies don’t want this matter to go tot he Supreme Court, since there are already decisions on the books that will undermine their cause and show them for the hateful troglodytes they are. Loving vs. Virginia is a clear cut example. Just replace the parts about miscegenation with homosexuality. And since Lawrence vs. Texas decriminalized sodomy, nothing a same-sex couple does is illegal.

Now of course, if the matte goes to the Supreme Court, there’s the matter of the conservative judges. But these same conservative judges were the ones who stuck their fingers in fundie’s eyes over Lawrence, which is one of the many reasons they don’t like “Activist Judges.”[2] The fundies know they will loose if this fight gets to the Court. And that’s even without factoring in the minimum of two new Justices Obama will have appointed by then.

So, loosing on Prop 8 is not the end of the world or the fight for same-sex rights. Just a minor set back.

1. but that’s OK, too. When some fundie, homobigot or Mormon starts gloating about winning Prop 8, just remind them that we elected a scary black Muslim socialist Antichrist for President.

2. You know, judges who follow the constitution, rather then the fundie interpreted Bible. Liberals! Liberal here meaning “sane,” as it usually does in wackaloon speak.