NGO Name Bleg

Novel #3 is in the development stages. This one is science fiction. Specifically, eco-espionage, with secret societies fighting over who controls the Earth’s dwindling resources. I need a name for our heroine’s group, a NGO dedicated to helping find sustainable, creative answers to social, environmental and resource problems in developing and developed nations. Sort of an umbrella name that handles a wide range of innovative technology ideas like One Laptop Per Child, Open Web access, building solar and wind farms, setting up micro businesses and generally spreading Do It Yourselfism around the world. The members are mostly Open Source advocates, technophiles and other happy mutants. Sort of a JLA made up, not of aliens and supermen, but geeks with a shared vision of saving the world through cooperation and creativity. What I’m going for is Cory Doctorow, in his red cape and goggles, bloging from his balloon. Action girl scientists using samurai swords to find a cure for cancer. Like Doctors Without Boarders or the Red Cross, only more bad ass and with much cooler gadgets.

Any ideas for what I should call this group?

Full credit will be given of course, plus a signed copy of my current novel!