At Least the Enterprise Looks Cool

So, the new trailer for Star Trek is online. It looks like JJ Abrams usual mix of splodey nonsense with a nice thin layer of WTF on top. Why is a 12 year old Captain Kirk driving a sports car off a cliff? And what 12 year old uses his middle name when identifying himself? To a robocop? On a hoverbike? Then there’s angry Spock. And angsty Kirk on his own motorbike driving over to watch the Enterprise being built. On stilts. But hey! Uhura takes her top off and shit blows up all science fiction-like (at the speed of special effects!)

Yeah I know, it’s a trailer, so there’s no real sense of story but just trying to fit all those images and what we know of the plot (time traveling Old Spock and something to do with Grungtastic Romulans) just makes my head hurt in a way that only an amorphous black cloud monster thingy can.

I would have much preferred to ditch the childhood back stories, the angst and the time travel and just told a good old fashioned Star Trek yarn. Reboot the franchise BSG/Casino Royal style, by slicing out the 40 years of crap and giving us a lean, cool future with slick space ships, dazzling battles and a story that questions the frontiers of human knowledge. Oh well, we’ll see if any of this makes sense in May.