Maybe They Can Dip in to the Book Budget

Looks like Bush can’t quite raise the funds to finish his Presidential Library:

His approval ratings are among the lowest for any president in modern US history. He’s presiding over the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. He acknowledges that many Americans have repudiated his Republican party. And he’s been utterly eclipsed by a charismatic successor.

The present hasn’t worked out so well for President George Bush. So now he’s banking on a kinder and gentler future.

With the days quickly counting down on Bush’s White House lease, plans for the George W Bush Presidential Library are ramping up as architects finish designs for an edifice on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas intended to burnish the president’s image for the ages.

“I’m confident that people will come to change their mind about the president and some of the decisions he made,” said Mark Langdale, a longtime Bush friend who heads the foundation that is overseeing the library’s development. “You need time to get past the current news cycle and the prejudices and emotions of the moment.”

The estimated $300m project, situated on prime real estate at the university’s entrance, is expected to open its doors in 2013. It will contain the archives of the Bush presidency, a museum celebrating his accomplishments and a policy institute that its backers hope will become a leading Republican think tank.

It’s that last bit about the think tank that pushes irony off a cliff with an anchor around it’s foot. What is the opposite of a Think Tank?* A Church? A fast food restaurant? An Ideology Bunker? Whatever it is,W. Should have one of those instead. They can fill the lobby with pamphlets about how great the Iraq war is and why we don’t really need a functioning economy to be the best country ever.

Link via Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon.


* Not that Think Tanks are all that great. The Disco Institute is a hothouse for Creationism in a lab coat and the Cato Institute is a refuge for Econmic Pony boys and magicians. (seriosuly, why is Penn jillette a fellow of the CI?) So yeah. Think Tanks aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.