A Great Disturbance in the Force

With Bush running for the exit on Tuesday, I feel like Obi-Wan,1 shouted at by a great hollow feeling deep in the heart of the universe. For all his dissembling, outright lies and sickening sense of self-righteousness, Bush failed to destroy the world (mostly), despite his best efforts. And with his departure, there will be a hole in the landscape. No longer will we have such a sickening and concrete vision of slack jawed evil to look at and, recoiling, blame for the ills of the world. Sure, there will still be problems but we can now tackle them head on, instead of cherry picking only the problems that will grant cronies short-term financial gain. We win!

And yet, come Wednesday, we will wake to a world that seems like it’s missing something. Something that has grated on us for 8 long years. And even if Obama fails spectacularly, we will be free of a weight that has stooped our shoulders and given us scoliosis of the soul. We’ll be free! Horribly, and terribly free.

Hopefully(!) we’ll find our newfound freedom invigorating and liberating. It sure would suck to end up with Stockholm Syndrome for the Bush years. And though I find the likelihood of an Obama presidency as catastrophically wrong-headed as Bush’s was, neither did I expect Bush to be the paragon of malicious incompetence, either. So: cautious optimism, folks. Anything else would just be gaudy at this point.