No 140 Character Limit for Our POTUS

So, 3 days into his administration, Obama has made government as transparent as a window, reaffirmed Habeus Corpus, shut down GTMO and overturned the gag rule on reproductive rights. All very nice. But the really impressive news is that Obama will get to keep his blackberry.*

…in a small way, Obama’s desire to continue to use a wireless handheld for personal e-mail and other communications has become a symbol of how he sees his role. He has said repeatedly that he wants to reach beyond the policy wonks of Washington to the body politic at large.

“He has a BlackBerry through a compromise that allows him to stay in touch with senior staff and a small group of personal friends in a way that will be limited and security-enhanced to secure his ability to communicate, but to do so effectively and do so in a way that is protected,” Gibbs said. But Gibbs didn’t give many details…

In that spirit, the president surprised the White House press corps yesterday with a quick visit where he pulled a device from his coat pocket that looked like an oversized BlackBerry — or a perhaps like one of the hefty bar-code scanners used to read tickets at sporting events. It was mostly silver colored, but he was holding it screen-down, mostly covered by his hand, so it was difficult to see.

“I won the fight, but I don’t think it’s actually up and running yet,” Obama said, referring to the device, as several TV news crews recorded the moment.

To be precise, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said yesterday that the president has “a BlackBerry,” but not necessarily his previous BlackBerry.

Try and wrap your mind around the fact that neither Clinton nor Bush used email for their entire administrations. Clinton is almost understandable,a s email didn’t really become the big time sucking business imperative it is today until his term was almost done. As for Bush, well, he’s a slack jawed moron and spent the last decade being a sock puppet for fascists. If Dick Cheney feels the need to invest in a man sized safe, he sure as hell isn’t going to let Jr blab state secrets on Twitter.

But Obama is the Glass President. He wasn’t to stay in touch with people and keep up with technology, as a way to know here the world is going. We have a president who is making every effort to stay grounded, in touch and connected. It may not sound like much but it’s those little details that make the difference.

1 thought on “No 140 Character Limit for Our POTUS”

  1. I’m not making lite of Obama’s early accomplishments, these are great. But really, they’re low hanging fruit. It shouldn’t be a wonder that the POTUS closed a US run gulag. There shouldn’t be a such a thing but the last asshole in chief decided torture was fun and so there we go.

    The other things are likewise accomplishments that should have been done ten years ago. So let’s not blame just Bush for being a regressive fuckwit. Clinton could have done more but didn’t. sure, he had the opposition party of his own country trying to end his term early because of a blowjob but still.

    Anyway, good on BHO for doing what’s right and fixing what is wrong. Let’s hope he keeps it up. I’d love to get tired of hearing about all of the great things Obama is doing. That’s be awesome.

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