Daniel’s Song

This is a BSG post. I will spoil any surprises if you haven’t seen this episode or most of season 4 yet. Consider yourself warned.

So, last Friday’s episode of Battlestar Galactica was, admittedly, exposition heavy. There’s probably a reasonable budgetary explanation, something to do with it beeing cheaper to have characters sit around, telling us the secret long lost history of the fabulous 5. And while it would ave been great to have seen the 5 Cylons resurrect on their secret space ship, travel at relativistic speed to the temple of Hope and Kobol, eventually reaching the colonies in time to teach the old school Cylons about being human, I recognize that there are only 5 episodes left(!) and this would have effectively eaten up at least one if not two of those.

But this is the price you pay for the monetary restraints of serialized TV. There’s lots of cash involved and while BSG is generally really great at putting all that money on the screen, they still have limitations. All shows do. I’m sure Moore and the writers would have loved to have given us the Cylon movie (and seeing as there is one planned for after the series finale, we may still get to see some of this) But still, it makes you realize the limitations of the medium. And honestly, I didn’t really mind all the exposition because it was done well. Imagine an exposition episode of Lost and what a convoluted mess that would be. But then, the writers would have to know what they were doing. So, yes, exposition, as a rule should be kept to a minimum, a rule that I will keep in mind for writing my next novel, where I effectively have an infinite canvas and no Line Producer breathing down my neck if I decide I want another set piece. But I’m with Rogers on this one — when you absolutely have to lay out your cards, this is the way to do it.

As for how the mystery of Danial and the knowledge the 5 now have effects the rest of the series, well, there’s just a few episodes left, so we’ll see.