Author’s Guild vs. The Kindle 2 in a Race to See Who is Least Relavant

So, the Author’s Guild* has decided that the new Kindle’s text-to-speech thingy is a threat to author’s rights, audio book sales and maybe even the book industry’s very existence. Where they were when Paris Hilton’s biography came out, I don’t know.

Roy Blount Jr., the Guild’s President, slobbered all over the New York Times about this and why he thinks the Kindle’s speech doohicky is so horrible, no good, very bad. Roy thinks this because he’s a fucking idiot. If you can’t tell the difference between speech software for the vision impaired and an actual audio book read by a real live human and not HAL, then you don’t deserve to be Guild Leader and should have your tabbord stripped and your magic ring confiscated.

It’s stupid shit like this that makes me glad I’m an independent author and reminds me why I have no desire to join any of these misbegotten fraternities. Their reindeer games suck.

There’s plenty of reasons not to like the Kindle (the DRM, proprietary formatting, the fact that it costs $350.00, it’s a beige POS, etc.**) but to get all hopped up on self righteousness over the speech thingy? Really? This, Roy, is why you’re a third rate writier, a shitty musician and nobody loves you.