Say My Name

I was quoted in this WaPo article (bottom of the first page) about Facebook and their weird policy involving people with eccentric names.

how this came about: the article’s author saw my comment on a Boing Boing post a few months back, about a young woman with the family name Yoda who was denied a Facebook account. Facebook, in their pursuit of furthering genuine human interaction in an online setting, has an automated name filtering system that is designed to prevent people from signing up using pseudonyms. But as detailed in the article, this system can be punked in a number of ways. Never underestimate the creativity of people who want to lie. The problem is, being an automated system, it can’t compensate for the stranger-than-fiction names that mothers, fathers and the fine folks at Ellis Island have graced upon a surprising number of us.

I was eventually able to get onto Facebook (obviously, since the author contacted me via Facebook for the article). Interestingly, I was contacted this morning by a rep from ABC News who are thinking of doing a story on the subject as well.

So, everyone wants to talk to me about my wacky name, it seems. Now if I could just get someone interested in talkign about my book, I’d be a happy man.