One More Reason To Cancel My Cable Subscription

The Sci-Fi channel is changing it’s name to the SyFy channel as a way to get away from all that weirdo geeky science fiction stuff. They aren’t changing the content any, which is ironic, since they’ve drifted away from the sci-fi content in favor of Ghost Hunters and wrestling, which is certainly fictional but not all that scientific. Or even Sciency. I’d rant about what an idiotic idea this is but frankly, come 11PM Friday night, I won’t have any reason to watch the channel ever again.

Mostly this has to do with the aforementioned Ghost Hunters and/or wrestlers but also due to changes in technology. I get 90% of my TV shows online now and soon, we’ll be setting up a home computer as our entertainment hub, which means 100% of our content will come form the Internet. And in 3 years when the SyFy channel, along with subscription cable goes the way of the newspaper world, I’ll hardly even notice. So, way to stay on the cutting edge there, SyFy guys.

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