BSG: Coming Home

Spoilers aplenty!

BSG has always had a complicated relationship with its spiritual themes, which is the reason I’ve enjoyed it, and been willing to put up with the one or two instances where hooey trumps science on the show. I had no problem getting behind the revelation of Head-Baltar and Head-Six as Angels. That makes sense in a subjective, I’ve-looked-into-the-face-of-Armageddon-so-my head’s-not-on-right kind of way. Both Caprica and Baltar have major guilt issues riding on their complicity with the end of not one but two civilizations. Combined with their ego issues, this makes for some fun character moments and using the Imaginary Friend trope allowed for that conflict to be explored in a dramatic way. Plus, Moore and the gang did it well and good execution often can cover many sins. An by sins I man plot holes.

But where the Angels Among Us thing falls apart is with Starbuck. We knew she had a touch of Destiny about her. Coming back from the dead tends to do that to people. But making her an out right Angel who just up and vanishes once the tribes reach the promised land is a little week. I understand the bind that Moore was in. He’d set up Starbuck’s fate as something extraordinary going as far back as Season 1 and that needs some pay off. But Starback The Angel is just a little too much Machina in the Deus to work. I’d rather have her truth have just been left unresolved. One of those weird, numinous space things that just sort of happens. I’m OK with the universe going boink and leaving us with Schrodinger’s Starbuck, thanks. Angels need not apply.

But otherwise– boy howdy, what an ending! We got us a big damn space battle, a lot of fine character moments (I almost cried during that last shot of Adama on the hilltop beside Rosalyn’s grave) and an altogether satisfying conclusion to what will always be my vote for the best fraking dramatic series ever. Kudos to the BSG family. Job well done.