Coming Soon (New and Improved Version)!

The new and improved cover
The new and improved cover, coming June 2009!

So, it turns out I can’t use the cover with Yuri Gagarin’s face on it because it’s copyrighted. This is not so bad a development, as I realized after designing it that it looks like a cheep rip off of the Shepard Ferry Obama Hope poster. Let’s have none of that, thanks.*

This new design is inspired by the classic Penguin book covers of the 50’s and 60’s, just with a Hubble image in place of the modern art. The footnote Book header and asterisk icon is there in place of the Penguin logo and header, because the book looked naked without something in that place. It is, thankfully, one of the few names not taken already by some weirdo using it for his own vanity publishing project. Which is good, because I may use it for my vanity publishing projects. So there.

Updated to add: Oh, yeah, publication date! The book should be available for purchase on this site, Amazon, and Create Space on June 1st. I’m going to try and get it into some local book stores here in Portland shortly thereafter. So, locals, let me know of some book stores in the area you think would be open to carrying it.


* it’s a great poster, very iconic and something that will go down in history, along with the “Dewey beats Truman” photo and the picture of the sailor kissing the girl on V Day. But there’s enough cheep rip offs of it already floating around and there’s no need to dilute the image any further.