My Dinner With Roku

For about a month now, Elvira and I have been using the Roku to watch movies and TV shows from our Netflix account. In that time, we’ve only had two minor incidents where the quality dropped, and even then, it wasn’t a horrible experience, just a little pixelation and a few stuttered frames. Barely worth mentioning. The only drawback is the options for selecting content. Roku currently has only 2 channels to offer, Netflix and Amazon On Demand.

Netflix streaming comes free with your monthly subscription, so there’s no extra cost there. The downside is, you have to wait for the content you want to be on DVD, and even then it’s sort of a crap shoot as to weather or not it’ll be streaming. Some studios are on top of things and release streaming rights along side DVD releases, other studios are just sitting on content they could be streaming, picking up revenue dollars by making deals with Netflix but instead, they’d rather pout over the odd instance of piracy that is taking imaginary dollars out of their hypothetical pockets. But that’s neither here not there. Those studios will either get with the 21st century or die. And from the fan standpoint, waiting a few more months until movies or TV shows are released isn’t that big a deal, unless you absolutely need to watch the new episode of Weeds or Lost. But that’s where Amazon On Demand come sin.

We haven’t tried this channel yet, because Amazon decided to set their streaming service up so that you buy each movie or episode a la cart. The prices aren’t bad but I don’t want to have to buy a TV show every time I sit down to watch it. That can get pricey. Hopefully, Amazon will offer a monthly subscription like Netflix does and that will solve the issue.

Now, all Roku needs to do is add a Hulu channel and a You Tube channel and we’ll be set. If they add bundled subscriptions to other ocntent as well, say HBO or Showtime or Comedy central directly, then they could easily replace cable and network TV. Which would suit me just fine, since there’s no commercials on Roku.