Save Us, Crystal Dragon Jesus, You’re Our Only Hope!

Remember V? The miniseries form back int he fabulous 80’s, where lizard people in prosthetic masks came to Earth, imitating Nazis so they could steal our water? Seems they’ve gotten a darker and edgier reboot. You can read a summary of the first episode over at io9:

Based on an early-1980s miniseries, “V” is about what happens when dozens of gigantic alien ships arrive on Earth, hovering over major cities. A beautiful woman alien called Anna, played by Morena “Firefly” Baccarin, broadcasts the visitors’ messages from an enormous screen built into the bodies of the ships. She assures the people of Earth that the aliens want only to harvest chemicals from our waste products, which she says are valuable to them. In exchange, they’ll share technology with humans – especially medical technology, which they’ll set up in thousands of free clinics across the globe.

The only ones who doubt the good intentions of these preternaturally beautiful aliens are DHS agent Erica Evans and Catholic priest Jack Landry (played by 4400 alum Joel Gretsch). Erica and her partner Dale (the excellent Alan Tudyk) immediately start investigating them, and Jack gives a cautionary speech to his congregation about how humans should wait to judge the aliens by their acts rather than their words.

The political undertones are wingnutteriffic. Media-savvy aliens promising a strawman version of universal healthcare (no doubt a cover for how they will cull humanity to serve as food) and the only people who can save us are a Catholic Priest and an Agent of the Department of Homeland Security. Fancy that. The power of Christ + the machismo of the Fatherland, come to save us all from the liberal-fascism of being eaten by socialists form outer space.

Next we’ll get an all new Thundercats movie (I hope it’s in 3D!) as an allegory on gun control with PETA as the villain. Wake me when something new comes on.

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