Bill Kristol is Better Than You

We canceled our cable TV subscription, so I wasn’t able to see this interview where Bill Kristol has his ass handed to him by Jon Stewart until just now.

The best part is how Kristol continues to smirk and blink his beady little eyes, pretending that Stewart didn’t just fuck him sideways with his own words.

As D. Aristophones at Sadly, No! points out, the classic part is where Kristol admits that yeah, actually the government can and does provide really good health care. To the troops. But regular, non-military folk don’t deserve that sort of stellar healthcare. He doesn’t outline what mortal sin we regular folk have committed that bars us from getting kidney transplants when we need them or cancer treatment sans a set of sergeants bars, but I’d hazard a guess that it has something to do with Kristol’s long standing commitment to the GOP party and their policy of screwing the poor, nonwhites and fetishizing the military. Kristol managed to do both at the same time, which is probably why he had that smug little shit eating grin on his face. In his mind, he won the argument. To the sane people in the audience, he came off as a demented rat fucking fascist. But that’s his shtick, so it’s a win win.