The Underwater Library

Via friend of the blog and typo hunter, Leigh, I learned today that the Louisville Free Public Library was recently flooded and is in pretty dire straights:

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – It’ll be sometime Wednesday before the full extent of the damage to the main branch of Louisville’s Free Public Library is known.

Water poured into the basement Tuesday, damaging everything there. Among the items lost, tens of thousands of books, the HVAC system, the branch’s computers and all of the computers set to go to Newburg’s soon to open high-tech library.

Library Director Craig Buthod says computers and “tens of thousands of books” have been lost to the water damage. He says three bookmobiles, staff vehicles and even his car were under water in the underground parking garage.

Buthod estimates in some spots the water was as high as 12 feet. Louisville Fire and Rescue was still on the scene Tuesday night, pumping water out of the building.

Mayor Jerry Abramson says the damage will likely exceed $1 million in the downtown library.

This is a major tragedy, especially when many people are turning to libraries now as a way to not just find entertainment, but search for work. If you can, please donate to help them clean up the library and replace their collection.