How Exactly Does One Have a Bloodless Military Coup?

That’s just one of the mysteries of this NewsMax article by John L. Perry, outlining the wingnut wet dream of taking care of “the Obama Problem” with a military coup.

For those just joining us from their summer hibernation in a cave, “the Obama Problem” is that he’s black. This is never fully spelled out, not that it needs to be. There’s the usual rhetorical questions of what could instigate such a drastic action, but they are nothing more than concern trolling about loose nukes over Israel and Obama’s secret Muslim/Marxist agenda. The usual Right Wing projection of wishful thinking. “Don’t make me start a ‘bloodless’ coup!” they’re shouting, hoping that you will give them the thinnest excuse to take off their belt. And hay, if some patriot gets carried away and this peaceful military intervention (marines with feather dusters instead of M-16s?) turns chaotic and bloody, well, the tree of liberty, bloody fertilizer, etc., etc.

These would-be Red Dawn re-enactors had no problem with our failed wars and reckless foreign policy when the Boy King was in the hot seat but now that we have this problematic negro in command of our troops, well, there’s a BIG problem there. That Obama is doing decent work on our foreign policy is so far beside the point, it might as well be waving at it from the window of a passing car in the other lane, going the opposite direction.

My favorite part though, is this assertion:

Officers swear to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Unlike enlisted personnel, they do not swear to “obey the orders of the president of the United States.”

Well yeah, actually they kinda do. You see, the President is the Commander in Chief. Failure to obey his orders leads to a court martial at best and a short walk and a quick drop at worst. Attempting to overthrow the democratically elected leader of the country through military force would constitute treason. And I mean actual treason, not Liberal “treason” in the form of inconvenient facts as a counter argument against Right Wing fever dreams. Suggesting that we do so is sedition.

What is not a mystery though, is why NewsMax took down this little screed (as if anything can be hidden for long on the internet). One can only hope it was at the request of the Secret Service, who may have a few questions for Mr. Perry.

2 thoughts on “How Exactly Does One Have a Bloodless Military Coup?”

  1. The sort of “troops” who would actually be willing to participate in this incredibly stupid concept are not exactly the type of people you would want standing behind you with a loaded weapon.

    The Marines who guard the White House and the Secret Service agents who guard the President would take it personally, if someone tried this. The White House actually has decent defensive capabilities, or has someone forgotten about the nuclear threat during the Cold War?

    They actually worked on this sort of thing targeting FDR and were ratted out, another feature of the sort of people you would have to deal with if you were to attempt it – what’s in it for them?

    The majority of the people required for this are too protective of their retirements to get involved. You probably won’t be asked to work for a big defense contractor at a highly inflated salary with a coup on your record.

    Alas, this is another unanticipated result of closing the large state mental hospitals, many of the patients have been hired to write winger columns.

  2. It’s more of the conservative overestimation of just how many Americans are on their side. You may be able to get a bunch of yahoos (maybe even a couple million) to agree to the idea that they don’t like Obama, or even hate his policies. But try and get a headcount of those same people who would take up arms: the number drops staggeringly low. Then remind those lunatics who still think Red Dawn is a training video that they’re going up against people who haven’t yet closed GTMO and still find Rendition a legally plausible scenario. If this still sounds like a good idea to you, then congratulations! There’s a paying gig at NewsMax, TownHall or WaPo. Take your pick.

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