NaNoWriMo: Update

In the last two weeks, my National Novel Writing Month project has amassed about 7000 words. That’s not quite up to where I should by by about 10K words. Also, I’ve hit a story snag and due to impending travel plans will be gracefully bowing out for the remainder of the month. But!

This is a good thing. I never intended to write 5oK words but instead wanted to challenge myself to put forth a concerted effort to just write. Anything. The process was the point and it worked. That 7K word chunk, while not quite the story I wanted, helped me break down the walls and work out the kinks in the ideas that have been clogging my brain. I have a solid revised idea for my next novel and wouldn’t have gotten there without the effort I put in, and the encouragement of the Nanowrimo community and my friends. Thanks everybody!

Now, from her eon out, I have a novel to write. Somewhere in the vicinity of 90K words. I’ll be working at a much more modest rate, aiming for 500 words a day, roughly 2500 a week. That should put me at completion of the first draft in about 9 months. When I return from vacation, I’ll start the word count and post updates on my progress, along with chapters, as a way for me to continue to work out the process of writing a novel and give those interested a look into the creative process. Should be fun!

NANoWriMo: Chapter 2+

I’ve added chapter 2 and a slightly revised chapter 1.

I tend to revise as I go, which I know I shouldn’t but do anyway. It’s the obsessive librarian tendencies creeping in.

Anyway, Simon’s world is getting stranger, which I like. The fun part is not knowing just where I’m going with this story. I have a vague half formed idea but it’s like driving through the fog: I can see a few feet in front of me but any further than that is hazy and indistinct. But it’s exciting too, because nay moment, I may hit a tree! Er. Or, just find something unexpected.