Heretics of Dune (And Everywhere Else Too)

PZ Myers alerts us to the grasping straws of those dimwitted creationist nincompoops, who, having had their ass handed to them by real scientists, have turned their baleful glare on science fiction authors:

Science fiction is intimately associated with Darwinian evolution. Sagan and Asimov, for example, were prominent evolutionary scientists. Sci-fi arose in the late 19th and early 20th century as a product of an evolutionary worldview that denies the Almighty Creator. In fact, evolution IS the pre-eminent science fiction. Beware!

It’s true.[1] Most Science fiction authors are atheists, or even worse, espouse strange ideas that would make a vicar’s bowls loosen.

Science fiction, by its nature is unorthodox. More than that: it’s heretical. The author is deliberately creating parallel universes, like the one God supposedly made, but with additions or subtractions that no God created (or else we would be living in that universe instead of just writing about it). It’s a deliberate affront to orthodoxy, implying that the world we have is lacking something and the author, a mere mortal, knows what that is and can create it himself. Sci-fi is a hack. It’s a software patch, illegally brewed in some guys basement, and grafted onto the cracked open, proprietary operating system of the world. That’s why it’s so awesome.

The world is bigger and weirder than the narrow view of some dusty old poem about how evil shrimp are and why we should all grow our beards and how the straight and narrow path and not spill our seed. Science fiction is a reflection that the world can and should be different and better and that human minds, creative, inventive and hyped up on sugar and caffeine, can make it so. Sci-fi also points out the glaringly obvious: that God is an evil alien who wants to suck on your soul, or worse doesn’t even exist at all, and is just the mad by-product of some sufficiently advanced alien experiment gone wrong.

1. Except for Sagan and Asimov being evolutionary scientists. As PZ points out, Sagan was an physicist and Asimov a chemist. But let’s not quibble about facts, that just makes creationists cranky. And you wouldn’t like them when they’re cranky.

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  1. In fact, evolution IS the pre-eminent science fiction. Beware!

    Snark really is redundant with these loons. Jonathan Swift would have a hard time making a living these days, because nothing he could invent for purposes of satire would sound any crazier than what real fundies actually believe.

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