HCR 4ever!

So we have health Care Reform! Yippee! I have the same advice for President Obama that I did when he was elected: Congrats! Now don’t fuck this up.

As to the substance of the bill… Meh. It ain’t what I, in my socialist heart of hearts would really want. That would be medicare for all. We’re still a ways away form that. Not that this minor step in the right direction has stopped the Tea Baggers from unleashing their furious furry of furiousness all over themselves and apparently, some Democrats windows.

The interesting thing about the Tea Baggers, besides their inability to take five seconds to Google that name, is they are probably the first revolutionary movement in the history of the world who are vehemently for the status quo.

They want absolutely NO change! And they want it now!

If incrimental pro-corporate health care reform done with complete transparency and governmental oversight strikes them as runaway Marxist tyranny, it’ll be fun to see what they make of actual dramatic reform (“Repeal No Child Left Behind?!? Satanist!”). And by fun I mean scarry.