A Bridge from the Past to the Future that Never Was

Don’t mind me, I’m just going to spill a few links here so I can find them later. This is a reference post of cool things that, for the astute, will give you an idea of what the new book is about, since I mentioned nothing concrete in the previous post.

A flickr set of the great French illustrator and writer, Albert Robida. A contemporary of Verne, he wrote farcical futuristic satire about what sort of life we’d be living in the 20th century, as seen form the late edge of the 19th. Brilliant bizarre stuff.

A couple of links to dictonaries of old timey slang and one on how to talk like Frank Sinatra. In case you were wondering and I know you are.

An interesting article on everyone’s favorite topic, sex tourism. Kids love Thai lady boys!

And Steampunk Magazine has released issue 7 into the wild.